Kathryn Owens – Jamboree 2018 participant

Takeover post from: Katheryn Owens

Hello, my name’s Katheryn (@__k__v__o__), and I make work with Chris Green (@chrisgreen4000) under the name greenandowens (@greenandowens). We’re doing a Practice Research PhD together, and Jamboree was about half way through this. Apart from it being a really fun weekend, it helped us feel connected to others, gave us the opportunity to practice talking through ideas and gave us new perspectives on how to think and do. We can get really bogged down in a to-do list, or putting things off until there’s time, but the things we learnt at Jamboree remind us to just try stuff out and have fun and doing that is also part of figuring things out. 

Since Jamboree, our main focus has been on working towards the end of our PhD. We’ve been thinking a lot about labour, and have started to bring craft into our practice. Image 2 is from Jamboree, called Walking to Korea, where we asked people to walk with us and drink whiskey and think about the distance between ourselves and our friends. Images 3, 4 & 5 are from a series called Desires for Labour: a knitted banner, leaflets and cards about precarious labour. Images 6 & 7 are from Housebox, which is designed to be experienced as a series of scores, maps and audio tours, about precarious renting. Recently, we’ve been thinking about how friendship acts as modes of care and resistance, and been using food as a way to think about how we care for each other. (Images 8 & 9).

Image credits
2: Beth Emily Richards
3, 4 & 6: Rosy Whittemore