Sarah Scaife – Jamboree 2018 participant

Takeover post from: Sarah Scaife

At Jamboree 2018, I took part in a workshop led by Mark Leahy – @gmarkleahy – a writer, performer, and teacher based in Devon. I’d heard of him and met briefly, but Jamboree opened up a whole new connection. He’s really generous with pointing me to artists and sharing events. I realise now this is just how Mark is, with so many people! Mark opened my eyes to the notion of intimate performance, at just the right moment in my practice. Without him, I would not have set up ‘Everybody needs a bosom for a pillow’, a one-day conversation-based work at Tate Modern as part of the Plymouth College of Art – Tate Exchange.  

Mark introduced me to Katrina – @katrina_a_brown – also presenting at Jamboree. Katrina Brown is a UK/NL-based choreographer with a hybrid practice across movement, drawing and still-and-moving image. As an MA Drawing student, I was already inspired by her work and felt overawed to meet her in real life. Like Mark, she turned out to be super friendly. Several years on and she is my friend and mentor. 

In September 2020 I started a PhD in Performance Practice in the Drama Department at the University of Exeter. My research is an entanglement of health, body and magico-medical objects. A few years ago, a PhD was a dream which seemed totally out of reach. It’s in good part because of Katrina Brown and Mark Leahy’s considered and insightful encouragement that I am following them on this exciting path now. I don’t forget where we met – #wemetatjamboree.

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Headshot taken at Jamboree 2018 by Dom Moore
Detail from folding almanac Wellcome Library MS8932 (SR). This is shared by the Wellcome Library under creative commons with no restrictions on use.
All other images – Sarah Scaife.