Tony Spencer – Jamboree 2018 participants

Takeover post from: Tony Spencer

Jamboree, created a community space for shared creative experiences, co-designing, and critical debates. It reinforced my value of collaboration, inspiring me to join CAS Associate Artists. This led to the creation of a twelve-month research project, titled: Nothing ‘Is’ Immediate, developing partnerships with artists, arts organisations and organisations working within art therapy. Jamboree offers a valuable networking opportunity for developing national partnerships and build effective collaborations, which I intend to explore much further.

At Jamboree, I also became friends with and spent time and conversation with Ilker Cinarel (@ilkercinarel), sharing interesting conversations and passions around contemporary art practice. He also introduced me to many other South West Artists.

I became friends with Sara Bowler (@sara.bowler) earlier that year at an artist Sound Art and Located Sound residency titled ‘Murmurations’. It was great to reconnect at Jamboree and she also introduced me to many other artists from the South West.