Kevin Hunt – Jamboree 2018 participant

Takeover post from: Kevin Hunt

Commissioned by @typawb and conceived not long after attending JAMBOREE in 2018, ‘face-ade’ (which includes a pair of tri-vision billboards and thousands of compostable paper cups – serving a fizzy drink, hand-made by the local community and flavoured by ingredients they grew on the building’s roof), was my largest and most ambitious artwork to date.

Marking a distinct shift in my thinking towards working with people and working in public spaces, the process of developing the work sought ways to generate social activity as sculpture. Positioning itself aside of more typical rules for gallery engagement (that frustrate me so much), the work gently put systems in place (both visual and practical) to allow a continuous and credible framework for community making.

Without doubt ‘face – ade’ would not exist without my JAMBOREE experience, which gave valuable insight into social practice in a broad sense (lectures by Alistair Hudson, Simon Morrissey and Ingrid Swenson in particular having a lasting impact on my thinking). If you also consider JAMBOREE itself as a performative artwork, and the setting of Dartington we spent time in, together it became a richly informative experience for me.

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