Naomi Frears – Jamboree 2018 participant

Takeover post from: Naomi Frears

I was delighted to be able to invite artists I got to know better at Jamboree (and at post-Jamboree socials initiated by @sovayberriman) to make exhibitions in autumn 2019.

Images 1 & 2: Are from our first of two curatorial projects – Break Us Gently with artists – Georgia Gendall (@georgiagendall), Liam Jolly (@liam.jolly) and Rosanna Martin (@rosanna_martin_). I got to know Liam and Rosanna better at Jamboree

Image 3: Tiny square silent film of performance on the beach (sort of secret and distant) by Jacqui Orly (@jaqorly22) as part of the opening of Break Us Gently.

Image 4: The opening – Flags made from windbreaks, special cake, and Only You (Yazoo) on repeat for 3 hours.

Image 5 & 6: Second curatorial project… SCENES at the Picture Room Newlyn Art Gallery (@newlynexchange). Remembered, imagined or actual scenes from films. New work by 7 artists. The artist I got to know better at Jamboree who was in this show was Alice Mahoney (@alice_mahoney). ?: Alice Mahoney – Doorway 1 & Doorway 2

I am so happy to promote these artists as they’re all such great people!!

Image 7: On of my paintings – In My Other Life 2020