Natasha MacVoy – Jamboree 2018 participant

Takeover post from: Natasha Macvoy

HER MIT Projects (@her_mit_projects) was just an idea when I presented it at Jamboree 2018. I took a model of my house and shared my vision of reimagining it as an artist-led gallery space, where artists could show, reside, collaborate or just rest. Spurred on by the enthusiasm for its endless possibilities I began a programme of events and exhibitions with my local community in mind.

Conversation is central to HER MIT Projects – I like talking to artists about their work and their ideas. The project is not funded so I cannot offer an artist fee, which pushes me to try and offer alternative value for artists. This means working with ideas that nourish and expand their practice, and working at a pace the artist is both able and comfortable to do.

Art work is often shown in the kitchen and on window sills – spaces that are familiar, where the viewer can get close-up and where they are familiar asking questions. I want the audience to feel involved, to share their experiences and responses openly, helping to create a generous atmosphere where everyone is a participant.

Due to COVID19 HER MIT Projects is currently concentrating on collaborations. Anyone that is interested in beginning a conversation or finding out more is welcome to message me through Instagram or the website.

1. Me – Natasha MacVoy and artist, curator and collaborator.
2. The model that I took to Jamboree 2018
3. Sandra Lane (@artysandralane) shows her work to visitors to the garden studio! She brought her work in a suitcase and large cardboard box from London. All exhibitions last a single day to allow set-up, sharing and take-down to fit within a weekend. The audiences are small due to the size of the space but this encourages open conversations.
4. We shared soup’s that reflected Sandra’s colour palette with the guests! (Leek & Watercress, and Beetroot & Carrot – the beetroot were from my garden)
5. Local friends who would not usually visit a contemporary art gallery, come with their children, and talk directly to the artists.
6. HER MIT Projects’ Fag Packet Gallery hosts solo exhibitions and ideas – Lu Williams (@luwilliamsdotcom) created an emergency zine kit for lockdown.
7. Sophie Chapman (@sophie_chapman) + Kerri Jefferis (@kerrijefferis) made a set of Play Act Cards, which they used to deliver workshops and take into other spaces. I met Sophie and Kerri at Jamboree and developed this idea over a long time.
8. HER MIT Projects is currently collaborating with Jenny Cashmore (@jennycashmore) for 12 weeks with On Demand: acts of nurture, which explores nurture, invisible labour and availability. On Demand: acts of nurture, records the daily feeds of Jenny’s child from 12 to 24 weeks, whilst HER MIT Projects acts as both host and nurturer, manifesting these recordings every Sunday on their Instagram platform.
9. HER MIT Projects worked with local families to create a Yard Art Sale where children could sell their work alongside professional artists for comparable amounts. The children produced drawings that they sold colour photocopies of, and created their own events including an epic paper aeroplane competition.