Simon Lee Dicker – Jamboree 2018 participant

Takeover post from: Simon Lee Dicker

Two years have passed since I was joined by bunch of beautiful artists for the first Silent Swim School in the river Dart. Encouraged by the heat of the day over 50 people entered the water and swam silently together. 

The world around us feels very different now, but for me, like many others, the urge to reconnect with both nature and people, is stronger than ever.

As part of the broader ecology of artist-led activity, Jamboree allowed me to develop this new work and extend my creative network; nurturing existing friendships, encouraging new relationships, and providing a space for the development of future partnerships.

One of the most meaningful partnerships has included working with @vickie.fear (Jamboree Producer) for the past year as co-curator of @odartsfest : Alone with Everybody. As part of Od Arts Festival we have commissioned new and existing work from 22 artists including five artists who attended Jamboree @zlkt.artist @sanderson_ben @bram_t_arnold @katrina_a_brown @threecoloursallblack

Who would have thought that works that involve sitting together in a circle, walking side by side, and dancing in a crowd would seem so radical.

Od Arts Festival 2021: Alone with Everybody will take place 14-16 May 2021, Somerset, UK.

I am currently developing a national tour of Silent Swim School to take place during summer 2021 #silentswimschool – watch this space