Tom Goddard – Jamboree 2018 participant

Takeover post from: Tom Goddard

The connections made during my time at Jamboree have been long lasting in many cases – it strengthened existing relationships and created new friendships and professional relationships.


I programmed a-n Assembly (@anartistsinfo) in Cardiff and invited Kerri Jefferis (@kerrijefferis), Sophie Chapman (@sophie_chapman), Ria Hartley and LOW PROFILE (@hellolowprofile) to give presentations or workshops on the topics resilience and sustainability in arts practice. They all gave barnstorming presentations and it was great to be able to invite them to Wales for a packed event at the Sustainable Studio (@thesustainablestudio). ? : @clare_charles_ @arcadecampfa

Images 1 &2 – Assembly Cardiff at The Sustainable Studio

Image 3 – Artists Sophie Chapman and Kerri Jeffris, Vi är bäst! (Hate the Sport!) It would be difficult not to hit it off with Sophie and Kerri! They are the nicest, warmest and funniest of people. They got the Cardiff crowd properly warmed up bright and early with some drumming and shouting, as part of their presentation exploring what an egalitarian orchestra is.


I knew Tash (@natashamacvoy) from organised Bristol/Cardiff/Birmingham trips and her curatorial stuff with Plan 9 but it felt like we hadn’t seen each other properly in ages. Jamboree gave us that time to properly catch up and tune back in.

Image 4 – Fag Packet Gallery Tash invited me to develop a piece of work for her fag packet gallery space (@her_mit_projects), which has featured a range of really interesting artists including @luwilliamsdotcom @will_hughes_art_

I’ve programmed a series of talks for Jane Simpson and GS artists (@gsartistsswansea), and invited Tash to give the first talk. The idea for the programme is to create a space for artists based in Wales and the rest of the UK to get together more as a community in our own space, get to know one another through our work and, potentially more importantly, through sharing our life experiences.

We’re doing this openly and honestly, removing the usual veil of perfection or the need to impress which is sometimes presented outwardly in artists talks.

It provides the opportunity to listen to artists based in Wales talking from the heart about why they do what they do, what made them get into it, what troubles they’ve faced and are facing and how they overcome them or still struggle – this is only going to bring us closer together.

I think this ethos is shared by all of the artists who attended Jamboree.


Amy (@amy_pennington_) and I had planned for me to mentor her on her ACE DYCP grant, as she was making a film. Unfortunately this wasn’t possible due to Covid19 but Amy went ahead and has made a brilliant warm and funny film which you can watch here: