Lucy Steggals & George Moustakas – Jamboree 2018 participant

Takeover post from: Lucy Steggals & George Moustakas

11/04/19 @saturdaymuseum  #flowspiral #communaldinner at @rochestersquareofficial
Fasolada, Feta, Anchovies, Olives, Bread Hands, Spiralled Apples, Liquorice Wheels
Guests approx x45
TSM is a collaborative project run by Lucy Steggals & George Moustakas

It is an itinerant, mobile museum exploring alternative models of co- creation and gentle ways to disrupt existing systems and infrastructures. TSM is interested in connecting people locally, nationally and internationally. The way it works is by intuitively starting a FLOW on a theme. FLOW’s are flexible frames; soft structures; play spaces; allowing for something haptic and collaborative to evolve. FLOW’s are triangular – a combination of lived experience (happenings, surprises, lunches, walks) , digital dialogue (#’s,Instagram galleries, QR codes) and physical outputs (print, arrangements, installations).

Since 2017 Rochester Square has been hosting a communal dinner bi-monthly on a Saturday. In November 2019 post Jamboree they invited The Saturday Museum to cook dinner for friends, neighbours and people interested in the square. TSM added to their #flowspiral events that had begun at their temporary space #varosi on the theme of the spiral. These had included making film in a day with ceiling fans, a spiral jam , a spiral film screening, a giant spiral floor drawing, spiral book making and Archaeoacoustics an attempt to play records with £5 notes on pottery wheels . It was great to have a space to play again as TSM does not have permanent premises. We had a wonderful time at Rochester Square. During the dinner all the guests created a collective spiral light gif.

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