Coming soon... Jamboree 2020 // Dartington, UK // June /July 2020

20:20 talks

20:20 Presentations:
Quickfire presentations by attendees introducing their arts practice and projects to the Jamboree audience. 20:20 talks uses the pecha kucha model (20 slides, 20 seconds per slide = 6.66mins total). 


20:20 Group #1 (2-3pm)
Rosalie Schweiker: Mince art vs. sausage art
Greenandowens: We will share our current practice/research, focusing on friendship, love, precarity, shared living, collaboration.
LOW PROFILE: LOW PROFILE will share snapshots of a selection of  projects and new ideas made for different contexts & situations, with an ongoing interest in people, relationships, collective actions & group experiences.
Isobel Adderley: Being Both, the flicker between states of matter and word meanings
Louise Hobson: Curatorial practice / projects / research

20:20 Group #2 (3-4pm)
Naomi Frears: School. Artists and a curator teach each other practical electronics, how to make bombay mix and how to make a bog suit from scratch in this alternative model for learning — now in its third term.
Mark Leahy: A presentation on my practice, with a focus on voice, language and performance and how they intersect with identity.
Rosie King: A quick fire look at how I have been developing my practice through the support of artist mentoring and getting involved with artist led networks and events.
Wilf Speller: Report by the Institute of Archipelago Thinking.
Ilker Cinarel: Turkey-Istanbul gay life and transgender culture & issues in Turkey. Public relationships with Transgender singers in Turkey.

20:20 Group #3 (4-5pm)
Katrina Brown: A choreographic view of drawing and a quiet politics of working in the horizontal plane of the floor.
Cara Davies: Data, Decay and Documentation
Steven Paige: Repeating: Why I try and try again... moving image/performativity/failure
Gina Mollett: The working conditions of precarious employment within the arts.
Megan Broadmeadow: SEEK PRAY ADVANCE

20:20 Group #4 (5-6pm)
Sophie Chapman & Kerri Jefferis: Sophie and Kerri will talk about anarchic, magical and potent mess; muscle memory and the place where bodies, material and linguistics rub up against each other.
Zoe Toolan: Whisky, loss and lime milkshake.
Anna Horton: Play, People and Place
Robin Dowell: Why I was cursed by a witch — politics and my practice
Jenny Cashmore: People and place.


20:20 Group #5 (10-11am)
Stuart Robinson: Looking at signage and landscape within the context of my art practice
Rosanna Martin: Amateur geology and stories from Lowland Point
Antigoni Pasidi: Props, stages and architectures: selected works in sculpture and performance.
Caitlin Heffernan: Site-specific commissions as an artist and curator
Sarah Scaife: Drawing at the edge of language — how can I articulate those threshold experiences which are beyond words?

20:20 Group #6 (11-12pm)
Ben Sanderson: Historical figures I may or may not have painted
Elena Brake: My practice since graduating and my plans for Plymouth Art Weekender
Sara Downham-Lotto: Arts Lab CIC
Amy Pennington: Haircuts, club reps, cardboard, and drawing are my particular career highlights.  
Kirsty Harris: 2 minutes to midnight

20:20 Group #7 (12-1pm)
Carly Seller: Land, body, breath.
Laura Bottin: Imagine a city without outdoor advertising. Replace adverts with artworks
Melissa Pierce Murray: Melissa Pierce Murray shows how she draws on scientific and poetic approaches to knowledge to create material metaphors which equally evoke emotional states and forces of immense landscapes.
Cat Gibbard: Palace of Culture
Martin Hampton: Martin Hampton filmworks

20:20 Group #8 (2-3pm)
Katy Richardson: What if you found a box...?
Jonathon Harris: Put on a Big Smile and Act — emotional performance in the service of social conformity, with a particular emphasis on the workplace.
Alice White: Working with people
a-n The Artists Information Company: Paying Artists Campaign
Blair Todd: What to cook for artists (when putting them centre stage in the gallery)

20:20 Group #9 (3-4pm)
Natasha MacVoy: The values of collaboration
Tom Goddard: What’s the point of education?
Sophie Bullock: Artist as mediator between the public and the institution / My practice development moving from exhibition led outcomes, to working in the public realm. Also, how my artistic practice enables me to work outside traditional bounds; from collaborations with academics and scientists, to working with local communities, schools, housing associations and private developers.
Claire Tindale: The use of the ‘miniature’, or ‘model’, as the mechanism for exploring  physical and psychological spaces within my current practice.  
Melanie Stidolph: Photography and moving image works

20:20 Group #10 (4-5pm)
Sara Bowler: Palimpsest of Place
Rachael Allain: Above and Below the Horizon
Hannah Leighton-Boyce: Ideas, materials, processes.
James Fergusson: The transgression of planetary boundaries and some thoughts on off-world resource prospecting.
Leanne O’Connor: UpSlide


20:20 Group #11 (10-11am)
Simon Bayliss: Top 20 #satisfactionchallenge – inspired by the controversial online video of Russian air cadets dancing in their underwear to Benny Benassi’s ‘Satisfaction’
Lucy Steggals: The Saturday Museum a collaborative project run by Lucy Steggals & George Moustakas an itinerant, mobile museum.
Oona Wagstaff: Art-Science Collaboration through Drawing as an Embodied Process
Ehryn Torrell: I will speak about making collage work with images torn from 1970s  British Vogue magazines and producing them digitally as linen textiles with embroidery. 
Léonie Hampton: Matter at hand

20:20 Group #12 (11-12pm)
Lucy Rollins: Plymouth Arts Centre and PAC Home
Ria Hartley: An intersectional journey through interdisciplinary practice
Beth Davis-Hofbauer: I am a wreck: Art and Anxiety
Honor Beddard: Wellcome Collection, London: who we are & what we do
Sabrina Fuller: Visioning other futures

20:20 Group #13 (12-1pm)
Lara  Goodband: Sea  Swim — the relationship between sea bathing and creativity.
Martha King: Producing as a practice of constellating
Bo Lanyon: Highlights of recent work and projects including witches in bottles, artist networks, fear and ancestry.
Lisa Davison: Ephemeral art
Bryony Gillard: Jellyfish, thinking, feeling, being.

Image Credit: Barry Sykes (2013) It Must Be Told [Arnolfini, Bristol] Photo: Justin Yockney