Coming soon... Jamboree 2020 // Dartington, UK // June /July 2020

Artists & Curators Miniatures

Informal exhibition of scaled-down or more portable aspects of artists & curators practices, with drop in sessions for attendees to meet and get to know each other's work.

Everybody who attends Jamboree is invited to show a miniature of their practice which will be displayed throughout the event. 

Practical Info:

  • The miniatures will be presented on tables, each table will be divided up so that a number of artists/curators work is placed on the same table. 

  • The Miniatures exhibition space is indoors and will be locked at the end of each day.

  • The space will be monitored by a steward, but participants present their work at their own risk.

  • Participants will set up their work (in the small, allocated table-space) when arriving at Jamboree.

  • Presentations of work should be simple, appropriately sized, freestanding & self-contained.

  • Access to electricity points is limited so miniatures should be as low-tech as possible.

Artists & curators should consider how best to present their practice to others in miniature form, whether or not they want to bring original artworks or a re-versioning of an original. If you are also involved in other types of artistic activity/endeavour (i.e you run an artist-led space or project, or you are a curator wanting to meet particular types of artists) then you are welcome to use your allocated space to present this work.

Image Credit: Bridgette Ashton (2011) Model For Worth’s Cattedown Cave Experience Touring Attraction. Cardboard Glue Fake Gold Leaf 35 cm X 35 cm X 35 cm