Coming soon... Jamboree 2020 // Dartington, UK // June /July 2020

Camp Shop

The Jamboree Camp Shop will stock a few essentials and the sale of small scale affordable artworks, limited editions and ephemera by Jamboree attendees.

Everybody who attends Jamboree is invited to offer work for sale in the Camp Shop.

Practical info:

  • Participants are invited to offer their items on a sale-or-return basis at affordable prices

  • Participants are invited to consider (and make items especially for) the context of the Camp Shop

  • Participants should consider making the items as transportable as possible

  • Participants will need to bring their items appropriately packaged and labelled (including your name & sale price) ready to sell.

  • We advise packaging prints and fragile items in plastic sleeves (with card backs etc) to prevent damage.

  • We will provide basic display equipment (ie print browser, some shelving and other basic stands).

  • Any unsold work will be returned to you at the end of Jamboree.

  • No commission will be taken 

Once you have bought your ticket for Jamboree we will send you the details for how to register your interest in bringing items to sell at the Camp Shop. 

Deadline for this is: Midnight on Tuesday 10th April 2018.

Image Credit: Counter 2015.  Photo by Dom Moore