Rachael Allain- Jamboree 2018 participant

Takeover post from: Rachel Allain

Image 1: Image of me and Bob and Roberta Smith at the Folkestone Triennial, where he created the project: Folkestone is an Art School, an amazing inspiration for encouraging and nurturing the artist in everyone. 

Note: B& RS Text/Slogan Art in background.

Image 2: Headshot of me out at sea where I love to be. 

Image 3: Inspirational person that I have not met. David Attenborough, whose enduring exploration of the natural world illuminates the importance, diversity and fragility of life on earth.

Image 4: On a research trip for my practice-led PhD, exploring art and science collaborations at the 58th Venice Biennale, May You Live In Interesting Times for the preview week in May 2019. Standing next to Hans Ulrich Obrist, artistic director of the Serpentine Galleries curator, critic and art historian at Ocean Space, Venice during Joan Jonas’ exhibition, Moving Off the Land II. 

Image 5: Ghost Ship, is a camera less photographic cyanolumen. This current series aims to highlight the contemporary phenomenon of the empty cruise ships floating on the marine horizons of South Devon. These huge luxury cruise ships, which were controversially a site of mass infection at the beginning of the pandemic are currently stranded at sea, whilst the future is uncertain.

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Image 6: After the Green Ray is a pinhole photograph of the horizon at the most southerly point of mainland UK. Made during an artist residency on the vernal equinox in March 2019, where I had been seeking optical phenomena on the horizon. I witnessed the Green Ray for the first time as the sun set in the west over the ocean, but was unable to capture this rare optical spectacle. It was only later, following postproduction that I discovered an intense green caste on a very expired filmstrip resulting in After The Green Ray

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Image 7:  Infrared pinhole photograph, from a series made by the River Dart that runs through the Dartington Hall estate in Devon, site of Jamboree 2018.

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