Jamboree 2018  //  28th June — 1st July 2018

Who is Jamboree 2018 for?
Jamboree 2018 is aimed at critically engaged artists, curators, arts organisers and programmers who are practicing professionally (whether on an independent or salaried basis) from around the UK and further afield. 

How much do tickets cost?
Jamboree Weekend Entrance Passes - £80 
(including 3 nights camping and 1x communal meal)

How are tickets allocated?
Jamboree 2018 is limited to 150 participants due to venue capacity and our available budget. This size of group also means that attendees will have a good chance of meeting, engaging with and getting to know each other. 

Because of the limited capacity of the event, we have set up a pre-registration process.

The pre-registration process helps us to make sure that:

  • attendees are professionally engaged in visual arts practice 
  • there is a mix of participants coming from across the UK
  • there is a mix of artists and curators with a range of different practices and approaches 
  • artists and curators at different stages of their professional career attend

The pre-registration process also ensures that the organisers of Jamboree do their best to reach outside of their own limited networks - in terms of geography, the work that they already  come into contact with and personal preferences. 

Pre-registration is open until Thurs 1st Feb 2018, after which point we will get back to people as soon as possible to offer tickets.

To pre-register please complete this short form.

Note: The event is not suitable for current undergraduate students and those who are not professionally engaged in visual arts practice.