Jamboree 2018 was a national gathering of artists & curators in Dartington UK, initiated and led by artists LOW PROFILE. We are now offering the Jamboree Model, Principles and our learnings to others who wish to design new artist-led professional development.

If you’d like to chat about Jamboree in more detail please get in touch via: hellolowprofile@gmail.com 

What was Jamboree 2018?

Jamboree participant Rosalie Schweiker leads a Walk & Talk
photo credit: Andy Ford

The full Jamboree 2018 archive is now online – there are plenty of photos, blog posts, reviews, writing, audio recordings & films to check out… If you missed the event, you can find out lots about what went on, who attended & how to stay in touch with participants by following the links below.

What are the ideas behind Jamboree?

Jamboree is an artist-led project initiated by artists LOW PROFILE. You can find out more about the aims & concerns of the project by following the link below.

Get in touch:

Would you like to learn more about what we’ve learned through Jamboree? If you are an arts organisation or funder who are looking to design new formats for artist-led professional development, please get in touch via helloLOWPROFILE@gmail.com