Building on the success of Jamboree 2018, a national gathering of artists & curators in Dartington UK, we’re currently working towards new Jamboree projects – see our COVID 19 update below for more details.

What was Jamboree 2018?

Jamboree participant Rosalie Schweiker leads a Walk & Talk
photo credit: Andy Ford

The full Jamboree 2018 archive is now online – there are plenty of photos, blog posts, reviews, writing, audio recordings & films to check out… If you missed the event, you can find out lots about what went on, who attended & how to stay in touch with participants by following the links below.

What are the ideas behind Jamboree?

Jamboree is an ongoing project initiated by artists LOW PROFILE. You can find out more about the aims & concerns of the project by following the link below.


Due to the suspension of Arts Council England’s Project Grant scheme and the ongoing uncertainty around the future of social distancing measures, JAMBOREE 2021 CAN’T GO AHEAD. 

We have however been very fortunate to receive an Emergency Grant from Arts Council England to support some development time and other Jamboree activities from June – Dec 2020. 

We’ll be using the grant to work out what we can recover from the Jamboree model and how to move forward with the project whilst developing some other outcomes and thinking carefully about the current model of Jamboree. We want to continue to support the livelihoods & professional development of visual arts practitioners as best as we can; helping them form new & long-lasting relationships with others and enabling their work to reach new audiences.

This grant gives us some time and much needed breathing space to take stock and work out how to move forwards with all things Jamboree in a post-COVID landscape, with all the uncertainty that brings for us, our partner organisations, funders and participants.

We want to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to everyone who has supported this project and us to date, the participants, partners & funders. Jamboree is built on a model which is participant built, artist-led and sector supported. We hope to find a way to continue to keep this ethos at the heart of the project.

We will post updates here & via our social channels. If you’d like to chat about Jamboree in more detail please get in touch via: