Coming soon... Jamboree 2020 // Dartington, UK // June /July 2020

Welcome to Jamboree...

Building on the success of Jamboree 2018, a national gathering of artists & curators in Dartington UK, we're currently working towards Jamboree 2020! 

What was Jamboree 2018?

The full Jamboree 2018 archive is now online - there are plenty of photos, blog posts, reviews, writing, audio recordings & films to check out... If you missed the event, you can find out lots about what went on, who attended & how to stay in touch with participants by following the links below.

What are the ideas behind Jamboree?

Jamboree is an ongoing project initiated by artists LOW PROFILE. You can find out more about the aims & concerns of the project by following the link below.

Coming soon - Jamboree 2020!!

Building on the success of previous events, Jamboree #1 Plymouth pilot (2015) and Jamboree 2018 held at Dartington near Totnes, we're currently working towards Jamboree 2020! 

Jamboree 2020 is provisionally pencilled in for Thurs 25th-Sun 28th June 2020 and is again planned to be held at Dartington. Over the next few months we will be spending our time securing partners for the project & writing funding applications.

CAN YOU HELP US? If you are an arts organisation or funder who could support the further & on-going development of Jamboree, please get in touch. We are looking for partners to offer bursary tickets/places for artists & curators to attend, core funding and other support in kind. Please do get in touch via:

image credit: Jamboree 2018 participant Rosalie Schweiker leads a Walk & Talk - photo credit: Andy Ford