Jamboree Principles

Jamboree is artist-led

It is devised by LOW PROFILE and crafted by them in the same way that they would shape an artwork. It is designed in response to their own identified needs to connect with others.

Jamboree is participant-built

It creates programmes that are inclusive, non-hierarchical and welcoming, which invite practitioners with a range of practices & approaches to present their work and ideas. The programme acts as a framework for participants to intervene in, take charge of, and ‘own’. 

Jamboree is a grass-roots approach to feeding into the arts ecology

Jamboree is a space for ideas to begin, be tested, percolate or ferment – encouraging others to establish and support artist-led projects & activity where they live.

Jamboree supports participants to develop peer-to-peer models for developing their skills and best practice to bring back into their own work and/or communities.

Jamboree works to broaden personal professional networks and connections to more actively include freelance cultural workers with diverse experiences – sharing opportunities to lessen the geographic, economic and social barriers that currently prevent many artists, curators & arts professionals from fully participating in the arts sector. 

Jamboree advocates for ambitious artist-led professional development that is sector-supported

Jamboree works with a wide range of partners to support as much free access to the events and diversity of attendees as possible.

Jamboree offers organisations a practical opportunity to work collaboratively to:

  • pool and share resources
  • jointly develop talent
  • reach far past the limitations of any individual organisation’s networks

Jamboree supports practitioners and organisations to connect nationally – sharing and exchanging diverse skills, knowledge and experiences.

Jamboree works to remove geographic, economic and social barriers preventing artists, curators and other arts professionals from taking part in & benefiting from publicly funded cultural activity via its Bursary Scheme

Jamboree brings together a mix of practitioners who otherwise wouldn’t normally meet

It strengthens local networks in the region events are held, whilst expanding and extending practitioners networks far past their own locality. Jamboree aims to increase the visibility of participants (during & after the events).

Jamboree supports practitioners to form long-lasting, meaningful & productive relationships with other practitioners

Wider audiences benefit from Jamboree through experiencing the public facing activities and outcomes that are generated off the back of participants attending the event. Productive relationships are:

  • those that lead to new professional opportunities (gigs) 
  • and/or those that offer sustenance and fuel to help practitioners sustain, enrich and grow their practices and livelihoods, which might include things like:
    • supportive peer relationships that form through attending Jamboree
    • establishing groups
    • establishing on-going working relationships
    • new relationships for critical input, guidance and feedback (eg mentoring etc)

Jamboree is a peer-to-peer model for learning and exchange  

Jamboree actively improves understanding of various modes of operating and career trajectories for attendees. Participants identify new ways of doing things and develop new creative strategies, drawing from the experiences of others to further grow and sustain their own practices in ways that suit them.

Jamboree creates spaces that feel socially comfortable and make it as easy as possible for participants to attend and engage with

Care and attention is given to participants’ wellbeing and experience of being at the events in a way that promotes generosity, looking out for each other & values everyone that has made the effort to be there.

Jamboree models approaches for creating improved physical and mental wellbeing for practitioners, and for those they work with in their own communities. 

Jamboree offers financial and professional development opportunities for those who work on delivering the project 

Whenever possible this includes providing training and ‘first time’ experiences for team members with support in the lead up to, during & after the event. 

Jamboree actively shares its model 

and encourages others to establish and support artist-led professional development activity.

Get in touch:

Would you like to learn more about what we’ve learned through Jamboree? If you are an arts organisation or funder who are looking to design new formats for artist-led professional development, please get in touch via helloLOWPROFILE@gmail.com